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Attracting and retaining financial membership is a constant challenge for almost every type of organisation. So, imagine being able to offer members a way to make substantial savings on some of their favourite things. Benefits that could significantly offset the cost of their annual membership fees.

Offering value-adding benefits will appeal to your members and assist you with membership retention and recruitment – which means a substantial downstream cost benefit to you too.

Securing valuable loyalty and discount offers is what John Morgan Consulting does. Or perhaps we should say – it’s what JM Consulting can do for you.

1. Meet with us

First, we meet with your organisation’s membership manager or marketing specialist, so that we can learn all about your organisation. We also learn who your ‘typical’ members are, which helps us to understand and pinpoint what specific ‘perks’ are most likely to appeal to them.

Then, we get to work on your behalf. We liaise with our contacts within the identified industries – i.e. those with the ability to approve discounts across fuel suppliers, telecommunications providers, major retailers, etc. We negotiate and secure the best possible benefit regimes for you to offer in tandem with membership of your organisation.

What does this service cost?

The cost of JM Consulting services will depend on the size of your organisation and the range of benefits you’d like to be able to offer members. However, in our experience, clients recoup their initial investment quite quickly – through improved membership numbers and greater membership stability. We can talk more about costs when we meet – without obligation.

2. Choose your benefits

JM Consulting will present you with a selection of potential loyalty and discount offers. We can also work with you to calculate the likely savings to your members, based on an average pick up rate. This can help you to accurately promote potential savings to members.

Once you confirm which benefits you’d most like to offer your members, we will finalise the agreements with the suppliers/retailers involved. This includes confirmation of the simplest method of accessing the discount involved – e.g. through presentation of a membership card.

Why use JM Consulting – why not go direct to suppliers yourself?

With our knowledge and background, we can save you time and money. We’re very experienced in this type of negotiation and over recent years we have forged some great working relationships (and outcomes!) with key people across a wide range of major suppliers and retailers.  We offer you excellent value for the money you invest, while you get to offer your members excellent value too. That’s a win-win situation.

3. Grow your membership

You can market the final deals and discounts directly to your membership database and through your usual communication channels.  We can assist with our process experience and samples of marketing information if you’d like us to.

Once our work is done, there’s no added administrative burden or cost on your organisation – the ongoing benefits are then made available directly from each supplier to your individual members.

My back story – who is John Morgan?

I’ve been in the marketing industry for xx years. My primary focus had been on developing innovative programmes tailored to assist businesses and organisations to improve their outcomes. Perhaps the best way to illustrate my experience to you is through the following success stories. These should demonstrate my determination, entrepreneurial passion and achievements to date. Plus, I hope, tempt you to become part of a future success story.

Some of my success stories…


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